Face painting is synonymous with most even that involves kids and sometimes adults. It does not matter if it is a butterfly or flower, kids of all age love having painted faces. It is not unusual to find the popcorn machine, helium balloons, candy floss, and hot dog machines in the same event or party.

Face painting appears like a simple art project. However, there are simple mistakes that make a difference between a good and a shoddy job. Here a few tips that will help:

l Value the paint

Stage makeup and professional face paint are expensive. Do not leave the paint lying around especially where children are present. Try the various paint options and find out which one works best for you. Do you prefer the stick or tube form? Also, use paint that can be easily removed.

l Visualize the finished face

Know what you will paint before beginning. Kids are not patient, and they will not sit still as you ponder on the next move. Have a basic design and add special touches (if any) once you finish.

l Use a stencil

For those who are afraid of freehand painting or have no time, a face stencil comes in handy. The stencils come in various shapes such as flowers, hearts, and stars. Also, there are stencils for small and large faces.

l Temporary tattoos and glitters

Temporary tattoos are faster that stencils. However, they take longer to remove, and some people have sensitive skin. Glitters make a great and dramatic finish but may be difficult to remove.

l Mind the age

Pay attention to the child’s age when choosing designs. Small children tend to rub their eyes too often, and it would be best to avoid paint around the eyes. If you are leaving the house for Halloween or any other event, paint their faces a few minutes before leaving the house. Carry some wipes in case they start rubbing.