Planning a birthday party for your kid is one big challenge. Aside from the budget, you need to set aside for the party, the preparation itself is quite an undertaking. However challenging it might be, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than you think it is. The skills and patience to plan an event will be most useful. If you don’t believe that you have those characteristics, it would always be easier to hire an events planner or coordinator. It might cost more than doing it on your own, but it will be less troublesome for you.


A birthday party for a child requires more than just good food and entertainment. Remember that the more important guests in your party are the kids and not the adults, so you need to cater to the children’s idea of fun and entertainment. Here are some elements you might want to consider if you want a most unforgettable kid’s birthday party.


  1. Magic and games

Kids usually find magic and games fascinating to them, which is why you might need to consider getting a professional magician to cater for that. Consider getting a magician who will not take much part of your budget, since there is always a budget you should work around.


  1. A Mini-Carnival

Aside from the games hosted by a game master, you can have mini-carnival games set up on the side. Kids can win teddy bears and different toys if they shoot hoops, hit all miniature bowling pins, or pin the tail. There are many mini-carnival games to choose from but it would most definitely require more funds to add this fun part to your kid’s party.


  1. Party Favors and Decoration

A birthday party won’t be as fun without colorful balloons. In the events planning business, what’s new is the art of balloon arrangement. Just like flowers of different colors and sizes are arranged together to create a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece, balloons nowadays are arranged expertly to create unique and nice decorations. Different colors and shapes of balloons are combined to create a new shape like an animal or flowers.

For a kid’s birthday party, balloons will never go out of style. For centerpieces, instead of traditional flowers, you can also use balloons or tabletop-mounted stickers in the shape of popular cartoon characters. For princess themes, a mirror, miniature dollhouse or wardrobe would look fancy as a centerpiece. This can also be a nice party favor but make sure you give every kid a loot bag or party favor with toys and candies. Other options for party favor would be a coloring book set or a bath/grooming essentials for kids.


  1. Food and Drinks

Always make sure you serve food for kids and adults. You can have cookies, cupcakes, nacho chips, fries, mash potato, and mini-burgers for the kids, while the adults can have pasta, salad, and other catering food.


  1. Cake

How would a party go without a cake? We all love cakes, and it would be a great idea to get a cake for the kids to enjoy during their party. You could get different kinds of cakes, to serve the various tastes of the kids in that party.


In conclusion, always prepare a good budget if you want to make a party fun and memorable. Get the supplies you need in reliable party supplies stores or contact suppliers in your area. An experienced events planner will probably have contacts from all around town. You can get help from a hired planner or do it on your own with more time and energy to plan a party.