Children love to play, and at parties, they love to live in magical worlds. When putting on these events, a company has to think like a child. What kind of world would they like to live in for an afternoon. The following is a list of the top five party themes for children:


  1. Dinosaurs


Every young boy or girl has at some point been fascinated with these mythical creatures. They want to live like cavemen among rocks and hoodoos for a day. This theme is always a winner with banners that welcome kids to “Dinosaur Park”.


  1. Princesses


This party is a hit with little girls. There is the pink and purple, glitter and stars. With a touch of a wand seemingly, adults transform a drab back yard into everything bright and shiny. Princess dresses are a must at these parties.


  1. Magic


Many kids cry at the sight of clowns. But older children will appreciate the ones that can make balloon animals. Then they can also sit down for a magic show with a live magician who can pull a rabbit out of a hat. It never gets old when every trick is so new to the audience.


  1. Bouncy Castle


This goes without saying that children are mad for inflatable object. They love to bounce off the walls, especially when the walls at these events literally bend for them. The large inflatable slide off the edge of the bouncy castle is a huge bonus.


  1. Sports


Many kids are just really athletic. They cannot go a day without thinking about sports, so why should they have to on their birthdays? Even if the children don’t play sports, they can enjoy sports themed cakes and banners to remind them that a basketball is only an arm’s length away.


These events will require a lot of planning. Thankfully, these are the exact type of parties that event management companies specialize in.