During a party, not all people in attendance are familiar with each other. In that case, there is need for performing some icebreaker activities that will help settle the air and make everyone comfortable. The type of activities you perform for the purposes of ice breaking depend on several factors such as the event, the classes of people and the theme of the event. In this article, we will look at some of the ice breaking activities.

What are the top ten ice breaking activities in a party?

Below is a list of some of the activities that you can do in a party for the purposes of ice breaking:

  1.  Playing fun games-, these may include games such as passing a tissue paper around to all the party participants and see who gathers the most.
  2.  Make everyone at the party dance to the music.
  3.  Asking crazy questions looking for equally crazy answers from the party participants
  4.  Put the party participants in a cup stacking competition
  5. Putting a hot dog machine where the participants can visit to have their favorite snack
  6.  Many people love popcorns for having a popcorn machine at a party can be a good ice breaker activity
  7.  Do not forget the candyfloss lovers. Have a candyfloss machine at your party and you have your ice breaking session sorted.
  8.  Balloons are not only relevant for coloring the part but also are an ice breaking activity. Just install helium balloons at your party and you will see.
  9.  Having a story telling contest
  10.  Create a scavenger act hunt by asking everyone at the party to identify themselves.


During parties or any other events, there is a need to perform icebreaker activities. These help people become comfortable around each other. Some of the ice breaking actrivities that you can perform at your party are as listed above.