Organizing a party where you expect children to be present requires extra attention. You will require making it ideal for the little angels to enjoy. One way to do this is by providing for face painting by setting up a face paint booth. However, if you’ve never set-up such a booth before, you have no reason to worry; we will help with a guide to see you through.

Here’s what you need to do:

Prepare, get the required painting supplies, and set up the face painting booth. Conducting face paint requires a few supplies to make it a success. The supplies you need include;

Non-toxic paints

You require non-toxic paint specifically meant for face painting. A neutral pellet and colorful palette will go a long way. Avoid permanent paints as they are unsuitable for the face painting exercise.

Get yourself some painting brushes

You also need tiny-tipped painting brushes and sponges to aid in the painting process. You require a minimum of three brushes each for black, white and colour paints respectively. They will be crucial in preventing colours from mixing while doing the painting. The sponges will also be valuable in cleaning the brushes after use.

Cup of water (preferably plastic)

You require some water to mix the paints. The water will also help the person doing the painting to clean the brushes. Any cup that can hold sufficient water can do.

Get numerous washcloths

Getting some cheap washcloths can help you whenever you’re doing the face painting.

Get a mirror

You also require a mirror that should be positioned where children can see themselves as the painting happens. The mirror will also help them to see and admire the final look on their face after they’ve been painted.

Get glitter

Glitters add style to face painting. Your painting kit will not be complete without the inclusion of a cosmetic grade non-toxic glitter. With a glitter applied over paint, it will make the paint shimmer and pop.

Even with this face paint setup process, no one understands the entire setup process better than professional companies that have majored in providing face paint services. Therefore, whenever you have a party, and you’d like to get face painting services, consider hiring a professional company to settle the set-up and carry out the face paint services.