The end of the year company parties can be difficult to plan as everybody wishes to have the most fun at them. The parties need to be riddled with themes, good music, great food, and a lot of activities to ensure the entertainment of the guests. The back to childhood theme parties are quite popular at the time as they bring back a lot of happy memories for the employees. Here is how you can plan a perfect school/childhood themed dinner and dance party.

Dress Code

The back to childhood/school theme party demands a dress code to make the guests feel they’ve turned the time around. The dress could involve school dresses, superhero attire, or dressing up as one’s favourite toy or action figure for the party.

Kid’s activities

No back to childhood party is complete without some fun kids’ activities like balloon sculpturing, breaking a piñata, putting a tail on a horse, and more.
l  Balloon Sculpturing: Make your employees join in to do some balloon sculpturing. You can also turn it into a competition to see who does best.

l  Piñata: Just as a kids’ birthday party, give everyone at the party a chance to break the piñata. Fill the piñata with prizes and vouchers to make it interesting for everyone.

l  Draw a tail: The old draw a tail game can be drawn at several areas in the party to have smaller groups have their own fun.

l  Musical Chairs: Play some musical chairs with your employees and pass a dare every time someone gets out.


Apart from the usual dinner for the adults, you could include several kid snacks at the party to make it more interesting. Many adults seem to forget things they used to love as a kid and would love to snack on them in the party. You can put up a candy floss booth, popcorn booth, and even a claw machine with candies from the olden days filled in them.


The decoration of any themed party is what gives it life. A child’s world is full of colours and thus, bright decorations and cutlery could be one option. Apart from that, you can use a lot of balloons, ribbons, and superhero masks for the party.

Let’s make an event that everyone is sure to remember!