There are lots of great snacks available in Singapore. The people who visit the area for the first time should really try to sample as many of them as they can. Local individuals in Singapore probably all have their favorite snacks, but there are certainly foods that tend to be very popular across the culture in general. Some of these snacks are imports that have become part of Singapore culture. Others more or less began there. However, in many ways, they all belong to the world.


Curry Puff


This is one of the richest snacks that people will find in Singapore, and it’s also one of the most delicious. It looks like a small baked pie, but it’s more similar to a meat pie than a dessert pasty. The filling is typically potato, curry gravy, egg, and chicken, although there might be some variations on the ingredients. There might also be fillings made with otah, yam, durian, or sardines. The pastry itself is either puff pastry or a short crust pasty.


Ice Cream Bread


Finding an ice cream cart of some kind is fairly easy in Singapore. However, there are many more options for eating ice cream there than there are in other parts of the world. Ice cream bread is a nice variation on the ice cream dishes that a lot of people in other parts of the world are familiar with today. Ice cream bread is exactly what it sounds like: a brick-shaped portion of ice cream that is literally wrapped in a slice of bread. It’s easier to eat than a lot of other ice cream dishes that people might eat elsewhere.




People who have been hearing lots of great things about turmeric will probably be thrilled to try satay. This turmeric marinated meat on a stick is grilled over an open flame. The meat might be mutton, chicken, pork, or beef, and there’s usually some onions, rice cake, or cucumber available with the skewered meat. Some people might choose to eat the satay with a sort of spicy peanut dip, but it is flavorful enough in its own right in most cases.


Kacang Puteh


‘Kacang puteh’ literally translates to ‘fried or roasted beans or nuts.’ This is a Malaysian snack originally, but people will find plenty of it available in Singapore today. People will find that the nuts and beans will come alive with the particular preparation methods used under these circumstances.