Treasure Hunt Game

This game is fun for kids and treasure hunt is one way to get involved with your kids so that you can also discover more about their interests. This game is advantageous in that you can tailor in kids of various age groups.


This can be done in a yard, at home or anywhere. The different styles and themes to choose from are many. Treasure hunts are not expensive because you don’t need to buy anything for such kind of game. What you need are some slips of paper and of course something search for.


Follow the steps;

  1. a) The first step is to choose a theme by using the interests of the kid.
  2. b) Write down the plan for your clues. This is important for guiding players from one spot to another, building more anticipation for the huge treasure they are likely to find ultimately.
  3. c) Prepare privately a surprise treasure for the players.
  4. d) Hide the kids as you place your clues and make sure they can’t see.
  5. e) Finally, they are sent on the hunt. When the clues have been placed, the kids are gathered. They can be in costumes if necessary as you explain the boundaries and rules.


This game works well for kids of five years or less. If it is a large group it should be split into smaller teams to avoid chaos. You can be as creative as you can to make the game more entertaining.


The Donut Challenge Game

This involves a messy way to serve kids with something to eat. But definitely, most children would enjoy it very much. This works well especially during family gatherings as there must be adults who could also wish to join the game.


It is suitable for kids above 5years. You will need to have somewhere to hang the doughnuts, for instance, a tree or a washing line, a string and of course ring doughnuts for each kid.


Each doughnut should be tied to a length of string then suspended at a suitable height that is appropriate for the party-goers. Their hands should be kept behind their backs as they eat the doughnuts.


Other decorations can be stringed together with the doughnuts, for example; streamers meant for birthdays and balloons, Halloween with plastic spiders etc.


Magic Shows

Magic shows are a high-energy performance exercises usually taking approximately 40 minutes with much interaction and lots of participation from the audience. The adults and kids alike would most likely love to get involved in such kind of shows.


So whether guests are enjoying a meal or want to get seated, such shows are exciting, fun and memorable. Most children’ shows focus on comedy and entertaining magic tricks using ropes, rings, silks and disappearing objects. Therefore, these shows bring laughter-filled and endless fun atmosphere.


Bubble Show

During this show, children are exposed to science wonders of all sizes, shapes and colours. Kids like watching transparent spheres floating in the air. If they are amazed by these small bubbles what about the huge ones with magnificent colours? A special soap solution is used to produce magical bubbles in which children can play tennis with, blow huge bubbles and sometimes get inside them.


Face Painting

This is a creative and exciting way to initiate fun to any party. Non-toxic and water-based paints are usually used. Temporary tattoos, stamps and glitters are used to complement the face paint. This is added to the face of the kid to add detail and extra sparkle which they love.



It a long time practice during birthday parties. Pinata that is candy-filled is virtually everyone’s childhood practice.

To make a pinata one needs to have; pinata fillers for example, candy and toys, large spoon, newspaper, masking tape, one balloon, scissors, measuring cups, finger paint, 6-8 cups of water, and 3-4 cups of flour.

Using the above materials help the child in motor skills to come up with an interesting item.


Balloon Sculpting

Balloon dogs, rubber rabbits, bubbly bees, frogs and camels are some of the rubbery, colorful animals that can be created from simple balloons. They are used by magicians and clowns to entertain and delight audiences.


Planning a party is a tedious task. You could consider hiring a professional service to manage and organise the entertainment and activities component of the party. This will greatly reduce your workload and allow you to prepare for other segments of the party while your kids are getting entertained.