Balloons are can be sculpted to make decorative material which is at times underutilized. However, we are aware of the best balloon artist in Singapore who are able to dress your party creatively and artistic using them. Balloons can be modified to basically anything based on your choice. All you need is to give the theme and describe the event to the balloons artist and rest assured of an amazing decorative story of your event. Balloon decoration differs in forms and sizes, and every balloon artwork is unique and special. At carnivore world in Singapore, balloon sculpting is done in events of interest presented by clients such as birthday parties, wedding and other events. They have high quality candy floss machine, popcorn machine and hotdog machine which are imported from US and don’t easily break. Each machine is attractive and presents itself well at all events. Our staff are trained to prepare and produce snacks in fastest speed while maintaining high food quality. The different types of balloon sculpting include:

  1. Balloon arch


The common balloon arches include the spiral, single and rainbow color designs. Making of the balloon arches come in two methods; the framework and the helium. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

  1. Balloon columns


Basic columns are in clusters of 11 to 12 round balls and in pairs. They are design in slow spiral, spiral clustered color and single tone.

  1. Balloon standees


The reason behind the name is due to the large size display similar to a “life size” decoration of their on their own. Such balloon artworks include Christmas tree and wedding balloon couples.

  1. Balloon backdrop


A display of balloons together acting as a backdrop is simply the balloon backdrop. There are different ways to generate a backdrop depending on the effect and purpose. They are mainly made for photo taking.

  1. Balloon landscape


Major clients of balloon landscape artwork are the shopping malls. A theme is chosen and the whole atrium converted to real world.