If you have been to a party filled with fun costumes and props then you understand how fun it can be. Well, you can now make your own photobooth props within a few minutes. Here is how to go about it.


  • Coloured cardstock and paper


  • Cutting knife or scissors


  • Wooden skewers


  • Coloured dot stickers


  • Double-sided tape


  • Props templates


  • Hot glue gun


Cut out the props and assemble

The internet is full of templates. So, save the birthdays props and print. Put them to your coloured card then cut them out. A cutting knife will help you get the centres of a heart-shaped glasses right. You can use crimping shears to trim the edges of a party hat. Assemble the shapes with a double-sided tape.

Decorate the props

Use coloured stickers to decorate the hat. To decorate the bow, you can cut strips of coloured paper then trim the edges. This will form strips. Decorating the propeller hat is quite easy; you can trace the hat part of your templates onto a coloured paper then cut two segments from it. Take a double-sided tape and stick them on your propeller hat.

Attach the skewers

Your photobooth props are almost done. You now need to turn all the props over. The hot glue to glue a strip along the left side of one of your props then stick the skewers along the strip. The pointy side should be up. Repeat the same process with the rest of the props.

Now pose

You now have the most incredible photo booth props to complete your birthday party. So, it’s now time to pose. Make it memorable by experimenting with different cards and colours. Make each piece oversized by enlarging the templates with a photocopier. It is up to you to make it as fun as possible.