Making candy floss with a candy floss machine is really easy. A lot of people will want to do DIY candy floss for parties and events. This is the sort of thing that can automatically make any event better. A lot of people like the fact that the host made the candy floss himself or herself. People tend to be impressed by anything that is homemade, even if it was made using a candy floss machine. Creating candy floss in this manner is practical for everyone involved.


First, people need to set up the cotton candy machine. It’s important to have the proper candy floss sugar ready, as well as some sticks for the cotton candy. People might have different ideas for the sort of candy floss that they want for their events and parties. They might even have different sticks in mind. All of this should be ready for the people who are interested in DIY candy floss.


People need to familiarize themselves with the parts of the candy floss machine. Then, they need to add the sugar to the cotton candy machine in the middle of the machine. Rotating the spinner head will create an even distribution of the sugar, which is necessary for the successful creation of the candy floss.


People should be able to locate the heat switch and the motor switch in advance. After rotating the spinner head, people can activate the motor switch and then the heat switch. The candy floss should start to form. People can then grab the candy floss with the cotton candy cones, rotating the cones all the while in order to sort of wrap them around the cones. People can keep wrapping until the cone appears to be fully formed and there is a sort of cloud of candy floss. Anyone who wanted to add any color to the candy floss should make sure that the sugar had color added to it before it was added to the machine.