April 26, 2018

Reasons to outsource your events

Reasons why event companies should outsource portions of their event Like never before, successfully organizing an event is increasingly becoming expensive and involving. Besides, most companies are seeking justification for all the spending that goes into organizing an event. As a result of the complexity that comes with event organization, most event owners are choosing […]

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4 party games for your children’s party

Nobody wants a situation where your kid’s friends tell him/her how their birthday party was boring. We all want our kids to have truckloads of fun during their birthday parties together with their friends. You might have gone overboard with preparations for this momentous day in both you and your child’s life. By spending lots […]

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April 12, 2018

How to plan a birthday party

Birthdays are one of the most celebrated events in people’s lives. They are even more important for children than adults. Almost every parent in the world plans a birthday party for their child, but not all of them set up a fantastic party. A child’s birthday should not be as simple as that of an […]

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