It goes without saying that a kid will grow as per the wish of his/her parents. This means that we as parents have a task of making sure that our kids develop positively in all aspects. The following are some of the activities which can enhance emotional development in a kid.


Cuddling with the kid

Experts in kids highlight that snuggling with them as parents is very important, as it makes them feel cared and loved. There are many ways in which you can snuggle a child. They include kissing, cuddling, and hugging.


Playing games

When parents find time, at least once a day and play various games with the kids like: hitting the ball, racing, rolling, and puzzle solving, it becomes a vital class to them. Here, the kids learn share, wait for their turn, and cooperating.


Helping him identify his/her emotions

When a parent names the emotion the kid is currently in, it helps the kid to have less fear and understand what he/she is going through. For instance, when sad or angry, the parent should name the feeling by name.


Go for an outing or event

When you take the child for an adventure, let’s say to town, shopping, to a restaurant, attending a party, or to a zoo, he/she will get to meet with other people and reduce that fear in him/her, assist in making interaction easy, and above all learn how to behave when in the public.


Positive reinforcement when needed.

As a parent, you should keenly choose the time to praise and celebrate the kid. If he becomes naughty and demands attention, never do so because the kid will get used to.


Act silly sometimes.

Acting silly is one form of being free with your kid. You may decide to paint your face, or dance for the kid. This will make the kid to get happy and laugh, of which is healthy.


Indulge the kid in making art

When the kid becomes part and parcel of activities, the child tends to find a way of expressing him/herself emotionally. Apart from that, the activities enhance the creativity level in him/her, and also the cooperation technique is acquired too! Some of these activities can include balloon sculpting, problem solving, social projects and many more.