Nobody wants a situation where your kid’s friends tell him/her how their birthday party was boring. We all want our kids to have truckloads of fun during their birthday parties together with their friends. You might have gone overboard with preparations for this momentous day in both you and your child’s life. By spending lots of money on decorations, handmade invitations, printing t-shirts and buying food. But if you have no fun activities, chances are that all this will go unnoticed and unappreciated by your guests.

Luckily looking for the best games to play during your child’s party is the cheapest and easiest part of the planning process. Below is a tasteful selection of some fantastic games you can engage your guests in, during the birthday party.

Treasure hunt game

This game gives people clues that lead them to the house or yard until they are able to figure out the hidden meaning. This game will encourage bonding during the birthday party with friends and family. The most beautiful thing about this game is that it can be customized for both kids and adults.


All you need for this fantastic game to liven things up at your child’s birthday party is a button. The game is designed to inspire detective instincts within your guests as they try to find who has the button.


You can never go wrong with this classic game. In order to enjoy the game more, it is advisable that you match the theme of the party with the game. This game can also be customized for adults and children of all ages with ease.

Marco Polo

This game is fun both on land and in water. Players are encouraged to make funny voices and it becomes a wonderful party game. You can add a spin to the party game to suit the player’s needs.