When planning a birthday festivity for your kid, one of the important things to consider is the food you plan to serve. You should always go for foods that kids love to eat. Finger foods are a great choice for kids of all ages. They are always fun to eat, easy to make and not that messy. You do not need a plate, spoons or fork; kids pick them up from a bowl placed strategically.

You need kids to eat healthily. The best approach to this is to know the excellent time to present each food or snack. For example, you can prepare some veggies such as carrot and cucumber sticks and present them in a big bowl at the start of the party. Serve them when cutting the cake and be sure kids won’t touch them.

Food ideas for kid’s party

Kids love to bite now and then, and you should consider something like crisps or popcorns. Popcorn machines can be handy especially when you host many children. Popcorn is a healthy choice here.

Fairy Bread
The fairy bread is another great option for kid’s party. Prepare bread and cut it into various shapes using cooker cutters. Spread with margarine or butter and top with coloured sprinkles over hundreds and thousands. Kids love this very much.

Kids love meals on a stick. You can find short wooden skewers and pierce a slice of cucumber, cherry tomato, a cube of cheese, small piece of meat, sausage and anything you think can do down well with the kids. You can also make fruit skewers by placing an assortment of fruits on a skewer.

You can also try different types of birthday cakes. Remember it’s not a birthday to them unless there is a cake. You can opt for cupcakes or the traditional rounded cakes any will do just ensure you impress them with the decoration.

Be creative with the fruits they are healthy and vital part of the diet. Prepare apple slices, pineapple chunks, raisins or grapes, banana chunks, strawberries and sliced peach. All these can make great finger foods. Kids will always love them whether you serve them with or without fruit dip.

There are many sandwich ideas for kids. To make it simple, kids love sandwiches cut into different shapes with biscuit cutters.

Hot Dogs
Mini hotdogs are perfect for kid’s party, and they are quick and easy to make. Serve the mini hotdogs with dips of ketchup, some mild honey mustard sauce, and barbeque sauce. These sauces go well with French fries as well. Hotdog machine will help retain the temperature of food as well as the taste.

Drumlets and Wings
Kids also love drumlets; you can buy them prepare, or you can make them yourself. If you decide to buy them, go for the plain ones.

Cotton Candy
Finally, kids’ parties can never go without candy. Do not leave out the fluffy candy floss; children love them very much. Cotton candy comes in various flavors; bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, grape and vanilla sugar. Even adults love them.

Remember to keep tiny portions to allow little fingers to handle all foods with ease and fun!